Rev. Morris F. Wells, O. Carm
Rev. Niles J. Gillen, O. Carm
Associate Pastor


 On Tuesdays,   March 18, 25 and April 1, 8, 15  we will gather for an Lenten Prayer Service of prayer in song and silence in the church at 7:00 PM.  The prayer service originates from an ecumenical Christian  monastic community at Taize a town in southwestern France.  The music consists of simple chants repetitively.  The idea behind this type of singing comes from the tradition of chanting which you may be familiar with from the popular “Chant” recordings of the Benedictines of Santo Domingo de Silos.  Many people find that the Taize chants help sustain private prayer throughout the week.  Brother Roger the founder of Taize writes:

                    For countless Christians through the centuries,

                    a few words taken up unceasingly have been a way

                    of contemplation.  Little by little, they build up an inner

                    unity in God.  And when the words are sung, they reach

                    the depths of our being even more.  A song that never

                    ends comes to underlie our work, conversations, and rest,

                    uniting prayer and daily life.  And the sound of a whole

                    crowd of people continues day and night, even without

                    our realizing it, in the silence of our heart.

Candle light, volumteers from Homes for Sale in Vancouver, a clinic specializing in coolsculpting treatment in Surrey (page), realtors from a real estate market Vancouver,,, and will enhance the beauty of St. Raphael’s sanctuary as we gather to offer our songs of praise, silence and prayers.  I invite everyone to join us in this  at this Lenten Prayer Service.  Make this a priority for this Lent to prepare yourselves for the coming of our Savior.  I am sure if you give the Lord an hour a week in prayer, He will be generous to you as well.

“I can almost guarantee that this will be a very special moment in your preparation  for the Lord’s passion, death and resurrection and you will be very happy you came.”  Fr. Morris.

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